(A Constituent College of Tumaini University Makumira)


TUDARCo enrols students without regard to creed, race, religious or political orientation. It enrols both mature and employed applicants as well as fresh from school A level graduates, provided they qualify for the programme for which they have applied.

Possession of Identity Card (ID)

The possession of an ID is a prerequisite for benefiting from various college services and participating in academic as well as administrative tasks. Students shall     carry at all times, while on TUDARCo premises.

The ID shall be demanded for the following:-

  1. Entering and using the library as well as borrowing books and accessing special reserve.
  2. Entering the computer room and using the computers.
  3. Entering an examination room and sitting for any University Examination administered and conducted by the College.
  4. Campus identification, especially by the College guards.

International applications
International students can apply direct to http://osim.tudarco.ac.tz/ website.
The Admissions Office can give general advice on how to complete an application form, or guide you through the application process. 

Language Requirement

Normal In Tanzania Higher Education system the instruction language will be English rare Swahili will be used, in order to be able to communicate with locals, you may need to learn Swahili language, TUDARCo does not conduct Swahili courses but there are many local institutions that offer Swahili courses for foreignes.

Registration Procedures

Besides the above, a prospective student must pay 10,000/= non-refundable fee and apply  online through Online Student Registration system available at  http://osim.tudarco.ac.tz/  website.

Furnishing a Medical examination form on the fitness of the candidate to pursue University programmes.

Submission of proof of sufficient funds for the completion of the programme.

Letter of reference regarding
    (a) Personal integrity
    (b) Academic performance.