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Quality Assurance.

Quality in higher education is a pre-requisite for accessing the knowledge that guarantees economic development. This makes the condition of higher education in Tanzania a very critical issue. Ensuring quality is a fundamental responsibility of every higher education institution, through the establishment of strong internal quality assurance systems. Recognizing this, the Tumaini University Dar es Salaam College (TUDARCo) is committed to Quality Assurance as a means towards maintaining and enhancing the quality of the total student learning experience. The quality assurance at TUDARCO is embedded in principles referred to as good practices provided by TCU to assure and improve quality standards in higher education in Tanzania.
Quality assurance is all about the need to promote and maintain quality, in our case the quality of higher education in our institution. However, currently, quality assurance is sometimes misconceptualised and perceived differently by different stakeholders in higher education. Thus, quality assurance is sometimes perceived as an aspect of control, that is, quality control, a term most suitable in the manufacturing sector. Indeed, quality assurance is all about continuous improvement of the quality of education and the products thereof, through a systematic process, for which openness to comparison with others based on agreed benchmarks is paramount. Quality assurance promotes accountability of our institution to our stakeholders. It promotes transparency of our systems.

Quality should be the concern of everyone in our institution. It is, however, important that there should be a central structure that supports the implementation of our internal quality assurance system, hence the establishment of Quality Assurance Unit (QAU). For effective implementation of the Quality Assurance (QA) process, the College Management Committee (CMC) fully supports the Quality Assurance initiative; and we undertake to create conducive environment for effective implementation of our internal quality management system.

Quality Assuranceis a responsibility of the whole College fraternity: management, academics, support/administrative staff, other staff and students. It helps to have a co-ordinated system of Internal Quality Assurance (IQA) that is applied consistently across the College, while recognizing discipline variations and the different external demands placed on different disciplines. A single system ensures equity, placing the same level of expectations and action on all discipline areas, and allows for cross-disciplinary dialogue and sharing of good practices.
It is also useful to have such a structure in place, which can speak for the College on quality issues. It is on this premise that the Unit for Quality Assurance (QAU) has been established. The roles of QAU are to co-ordinate and facilitate Quality Assurance activities at institutional level to ensure a system approach to Quality Assurance. We believe that quality is not something ’done to people’; therefore the central office merely has a facilitation role to ensure quality improvement. The responsibility of internal quality is delegated to operating units. Each Directorate/Institute/Faculty/Department/Unit is responsible for the quality of its mandated activities. The quality is maintained, improved, and evaluated through a quality assurance system that covers all areas of operation in both academic and administration.

An institution is said to be of quality if (i) it achieves its mission, and (ii) it meets the expectation of its stakeholders. The purpose of quality assurance at TUDARCO is two-fold, i.e., to ensure continuous improvement and accountability to stakeholders.With regards to continuous improvement, TUDARCo is committed to the principle of continuous enhancement. The major aim and objective of TUDARCo’s QA system is to improve quality in all aspects of College operation and life whenever and wherever possible. The ultimate objective is to assure the quality of the students’ total educational experience both in academics and in areas of moral and physical growth.By accountability we mean that TUDARCo must be open to external scrutiny and that the outcomes of that scrutiny should be known and widely disseminated. Quality assurance is the means through which TUDARCo assures itself and confirms to its customers and stakeholders alike that the conditions are in place for students to achieve high educational standards set at international, national, and institutional levels

As a custodian of Quality, the Unit for Quality Assurance is responsible for, among others: Operationalise the College QA system within the College setting; Provide technical support on QA matters to relevant authorities and the College, Oversee College QA functions in all College activities and ensure compliance to QA requirements. Others are constantly update the College on new and global developments on QA matters for Higher Education Institutions, Development and monitoring the implementation of TUDARCo’s quality assurance system;  sharing best practices with key stakeholders in quality assurance implementation at TUDARCo through research and benchmarking; promoting a ‘quality culture’ among TUDARCo stakeholders; and building capacity on quality assurance among staff and students.

Quality Assurance at TUDARCo makes sure individuals are doing the right things and the right way.The QA team's job is to see that standards, processes, and policies (or other governing/guiding "writ") are in place and carried out; to recommend and implement improvements to them, and to ensure that the people that need to know about them know about them. QA "audits" or "reviews" are intended to determine the efficacy of governing procedures.

Here you will find Quality Assurance Policy, QA Tools & Instruments for Evaluation, and TUDARCo QA Manual.

QAU ensures that Quality is not compromised rather is complied.

Julius TunsajeTweve
Quality Assurance Coordinator.